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What’s Cool? Read This

Posted by spritzophrenia on July 4, 2010

Welcome 🙂 Here are a few popular posts you might enjoy:

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Your comments are welcome, opinions don’t have to be super-smart. “I don’t agree but I can’t explain why”, is fine. 🙂

3 Responses to “What’s Cool? Read This”

  1. Sugarpop said

    Hi Jonathan – this is a functional comment. I just read Romy’s note on your most recent post (Celebrating the Weeds) and I wanted to find her comment she refers to and realised that your site is sans a search function. When you have more than, say, 100 posts, it would be kinda *useful* (I think) if there is the ability to search the entire content of your splendid blog. There are some wonderful patterns and connections emerging, and I’m the sort of person that is *struck* by a notion and then wants to follow it and find more – the ability to search would help me do that.

    Keep up the edifying entertaining educating elucidating and exciting-up of thought, fact, opinion and sharing.

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