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More God-Botherer Music

Posted by spritzophrenia on July 4, 2010

My mouth turns down when I hear the term ‘christian music’ these days. That’s unfortunate, as there’s actually some good stuff out there musically and thematically. My first pick you might find surprising, it’s aggressive. Argyle Park was controversial, rare, and introduced me to Industrial music. The story I heard is that “Violent” is about a pastor who disappointed them in some way. “Liars can’t be trusted, but who doesn’t lie?”

Completely different, here’s Julie Miller with “All My Tears”. I love her voice, and the simplicity of this. Even tho I was postchristian when I heard this, it still brought tears to my eyes.

I think we’re nearly done with music week.

PS: Check out a guest post I just did for Agnostic Pentecostal.

4 Responses to “More God-Botherer Music”

  1. Iain said

    What? Music week is over without covering Scientology music? 😀

  2. DS Martin said

    Hello Jonathan,
    I just dropped in to my theology of nuance and saw your post last month.
    Sorry, I hadn’t seen it earlier.

    The above Julie Miller song is a good one, did you see the other one that I had posted (I Need You by Julie Miller). It is another good theology/philosophy song. You would get a kick out of it, she rocks pretty good with Emmylou Harris.

    I appreciate your thoughts and your posting on Why Ethos? I am interested in your thoughts generally, so, drop by and comment if you are so moved.

    I am very sorry about the loss of your friend. I too, have been contemplating the great leveler.
    Thanks again,
    Đ₰ Җ

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