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Breaking Something

Posted by spritzophrenia on November 27, 2011

Yay, my official school year is over. So I celebrated by making a silly picture. Enjoy 🙂

Twilight Breaking Wind

5 Responses to “Breaking Something”

  1. Is the phrase at the top actually what’s on the poster? It’s as if people don’t see that living forever could possibly be a bad thing, lol

    • The original phrase is “When you can live forever is there anything worth dying for?”

      I couldn’t think of a funny phrase that I could easily adapt the existing words to. Feel free to suggest.

      • I remember something like that and it actually reflects an idea that I can agree with. Why would you die for anything if you could live forever? Albeit there are probably things worth dying for, if we consider eternal life as different than immortality. At least with eternal life I could die at some point, albeit not like the limits on Elves in LOTR. You couldn’t die for anything if you were immortal, lol

        • It is an interesting thought. Christians would disagree, saying that Jesus was/is immortal, and yet could still meaningfully die. It’s a deep thought, and not as simple as it sounds.

  2. Big difference I guess would be between living forever but being able to die and living forever and being unable to die. One is conditional immortality (not unlike Christian annihilationism) and absolute immortality.

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