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Encouraged By #Occupy – Again

Posted by spritzophrenia on December 5, 2011

If you read my last post you will know I’ve been checking out my local “Occupy Wall Street” movement. I can now report that my initial misgivings were both well-founded, and completely wrong. Unfortunately I can’t explain more at the moment – otherwise I would have to kill you 😉

I have returned from four days and nights camping on site, doing some investigation of my own, and talking to as many different people there as I could about why they are there and what is happening with the movement. In brief, it was a challenging and highly rewarding time.

I do have more blog material written on paper while I was there. I hope to share it with you soon, I think it’s a beautiful wonderful story. But for now, take a look at how our city’s mainstream media reported on us while I was there. Then have a read of my comments below.

An unbiased article? Factual thoroughly verified investigative journalism?

Not the real occupy

OK. If you have read the above link, you have probably formed a particular opinion about who and what Occupy is all about. I can assure you that almost the only truly accurate thing in this so-called “journalism” is the title. I know. I was there.

For example, this reporter — who has been to the site repeatedly for stories, and who works for one of the biggest Corporate media organisations in this part of the world — did not report one word of a half hour interview he conducted the same day. That interview was with a friend of mine who truly represents what Occupy is trying to do.

Instead, the reporter Blair Ensor tried to find known controversial-looking and sounding figures, and report on them. Let me add one more thing. “Bad Touch Santa”, which is our nickname for the “street evangelist” is NOT part of our movement, never has been, and has now been firmly removed from at least two “Occupy” sites including ours. If Blair had asked us about him, he would have known that. Unfortunately he was in too much of a hurry to find some controversy and reach his deadline than to pause and check his facts.

Folks, I know it’s a cliche, but don’t believe everything you read. Check your facts. Be sceptical. Especially when the source is owned by people who have vested interests in misreporting the truth.

I look forward to sharing some more Citizen Journalism with you soon. Kia Kaha 99%


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6 Responses to “Encouraged By #Occupy – Again”

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  2. Sugarpop said

    Wow – I knew that the DomPost was a fairly inaccurate news source, but this is wild! And good on you for persisting and staying for some more nights. It’s a shame, though, that it took so much persistence to get to te heart of what is going on in Wellington’s Occupy. It’s so hard to garner support if it is that difficult to get the real message out there.

    Looking forward to reading more!

    Thanks Jonathan 😀

  3. I have been (quietly) disappointed that several friends of mine dismiss the “Occupy…” movement as “Camping in the park, holding up a few signs and asking for a handout”…. just because they are doing okay in this climate. They fail to realize that they are not “the 1%” they are the part of the 99% that will be the hardest hit because they weren’t paying attention.

    Looking forward to your blogs Jonathan

  4. Here in the UK, the protest I know most about, which is just next to where I work, is simply not being reported at all. So, not misinformation but no information.

  5. Anne said

    Jon, Glad you’re still reporting about Occupy for us and sorry that you’ve witnessed journalism at its worst, which of course is rampant. On the US West Coast this past week the Occupy movement focused on the plight of the port truckers, who are the people who bring us most of our consumer items and who are treated basically like dogs by the port corporate people. In Seattle, a Methodist pastor was brutalized by an officer before being arrested, and I understand that a second pastor had the same fate there. So, tensions have been mounting. I’m very impressed with what John says in his post about his experience and about port truckers, and thought you and others might like to see it: http://valleyandmountain.org/what-we-do/creative-liberation/johns-response-to-police-brutality/#comment-477

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