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Science Has Failed, Spirit Moves Through All Things

Posted by spritzophrenia on November 15, 2011

I have much to say, but nothing to add. Watch. What do you think?


? What do you think?
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8 Responses to “Science Has Failed, Spirit Moves Through All Things”

  1. Sugarpop said


  2. My understanding of this song, since I’m also a SOAD fan at heart, was that science can be dangerous when applied to an extreme and that there is a sort of spirit in things, though not strictly like animism, but more that we give meaning to things as beings with a spirit in the sense of the mental, not the supernatural. SOAD is probably interesting in religious background, but I only know that they are Armenian in ethnicity.

    • They have some very interesting lyrics, some of which draw on Christian beliefs. (eg “Chop Suey”). I saw a YouTube interview with Serj where he talks about music coming from “the universe, the universal unconscious”.

  3. It occurs to me that I have talked about science versus “scientism” in this post https://spritzophrenia.wordpress.com/2011/09/30/shermer-on-belief-i-want-to-believe/

  4. As with all things we humans engage in, science isn’t so much the problem as is, well… being human. Good op-ed piece here: http://the-scientist.com/2011/11/16/opinion-the-dark-side-of-science/

    I think science can tell us “what” we are and perhaps something of the “how” we came to be; but I really don’t think it has much to say about the “who” and “why.” I think that is essentially what SOAD is rockin’ about here.

    If our world can be failed, it isn’t “science” failing it. It’s humans. And if we continue to fail “our world,” well than “the world” will get rid of us. We’re just not as important as we think we are. George Carlin said it best: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eScDfYzMEEw

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