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What the World Needs Now

Posted by spritzophrenia on November 4, 2010

I wonder if yesterday’s post overwhelmed you? Many of my friends in the US were caught up in the fever of mid-term elections. Many of you are Democrats who were disappointed with the results. The last thing you wanted to hear was more misery.

I don’t always tell the whole story in my blogs, I leave some space for your opinion. So let me be up-front here. I believe in optimism instead of pessimism. Call it positive thinking if you like. I know I blogged about the irrational side of positive thinking, but I still believe in encouragement. I believe in “realism”, if you like, although we’re all gonna disagree on exactly what “being realistic” is. It’s hard, as I’m naturally drawn to the negative— perhaps that’s why I suffer from depression.

Regular readers know I’m fairly rigorous about what I believe; call me a skeptic if you wish, although as I’ve explained here, I don’t consider myself a rationalist. I want to hold those things together: rigorous thinking, an openness to spiritual reality and an activism and optimism toward the greater good.

There is a time for pessimism. There is a time for grief. But I don’t want to stay there. It doesn’t help.


Years ago I was fascinated by the late 60s and the hippy movement. I was inspired by their optimism; for a short time it seemed some people believed that peace was really possible, that the world really could be a better place. All we had to do is love enough (and perhaps “drop out”). Laugh all you like at their idealism, but frankly if I have to choose who I’d spend eternity with, it would be hippies. I may not have the look— I think we’re well beyond that now— but I still have the hope, sometimes.

I have a vision of ten people gathering in a room, extremists of all forms: Democrats, Republicans, Anarchists, Terrorists, Peaceniks, Atheists, Fundamentalists, Foreigners, The Rich, The Poor, the Apathetic, you, and me. If we leave contentious issues aside and ask, “Tell me about your family?”, “Who means the most to you?”, “What art do you like?”, “What is the most beautiful place you’ve travelled to?”, “What do you hope for the future?”, “What do you think when you look at the stars?”, “How do you experience love?”. If we could truly hear each other, if we could somehow ditch the rhetoric and just talk as human beings, I believe we would have much more in common than hate.

I don’t care if it’s corny. I don’t care if it’s idealistic.

What the world needs now, is love.

It’s the only thing there’s too little of.


What do you think? Am i too idealistic?
[Edit: An example would be my meal with a Muslim]
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Jackie DeShannon | What The World Needs Now (1965)

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13 Responses to “What the World Needs Now”

  1. MB said

    I don’t think you are too idealistic – I think that sounds like a GREAT idea!

  2. Blamer .. said

    In a way this experiment is already being carried out, just not in the lab but online with ubiquitous internet and Web 2.0 (only the poor haven’t been invited yet).

    As we attendees move from tribalism to globalism, we find we have very much to learn and quite a bit contribute.

    • Very true. I find that internet “discussions” too often turn into hate-fests. There’s something about meeting in person that makes you realise the humanity of someone else.

      Still, it’s a start 🙂 Thanks

  3. Lydia said

    No, I don’t think you’re too idealistic. I do wonder what it would take to get everyone to truly listen, though. That is a monumental task!

  4. Mari said

    I read all your posts: your sincerity and honesty reel me in. You write with passion, creativity, and clarity. Indeed sometimes your subject matter is more intense than I care to internalize, yet I enjoy reading what you have to say. Keep spreading the love, man.

  5. What an excellent suggestion. And I do think it would work.

    (I prefer the Dione Warwick version of the song, though!)

  6. Nicole said

    I think you are a loony, but I love you anyway


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