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The Days of Nothing

Posted by spritzophrenia on April 16, 2010

I want to record how it is when there is just the material world. No spirituality, nothing spiritual. No God, no Krishna, nothing to connnect with when you meditate.

There are trees, sun, houses, cars, pavement, earth. Nothing more. No feeling. Nothing imparting these things with life, with transcendance. Nothing.

There is no happiness, no sadness, no meaning, no lack of meaning. Just nothing. The world exists, rolls on. I sit and observe. I’m not concerned or upset. It is what it is. (Without a person to give it meaning, is it anything?) There is a certain kind of detachment. Biology creeps across the hillsides. People walk alone in the late afternoon sun. And nothing.

2 Responses to “The Days of Nothing”

  1. The Agnostic Pentecostal said

    I find it extremely difficult to detach material from meaning. Maybe it’s just a hardwired habit. Even in one simple phrase you wrote, “The world exists, rolls on.” Even then my brain asks, why? What makes it roll on? Just pure energy? Where does that come from? An on and on.

    It is a good exercise for me though, to try and detach myself from such thoughts and just exist in the moment. even if only to make myself more aware of myself. My own material. But it’s hard. Any tips?

  2. […] the trees outside my window, and thinking it would be nice if there was something more than the mere material world. Maybe God. A nice g0d, of course. That would be kinda cool. I’m not claiming my desire for […]

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