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Jesus Vampire Zombie

Posted by spritzophrenia on October 19, 2010

I think I’m still in a very mild depression. It’s only a one or two out of a scale of ten being most severe, but my days are rather passionless.

I shared part of my life story over at Crystal’s blog. Please go leave a comment there?

Iain from Phrenic Philosophy sent me this a few weeks back. Hilarious and somewhat true.
Jesus zombie vampire venn diagram

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The Jesus Frying Pan

Posted by spritzophrenia on February 14, 2010

I’m yoinking this straight from Matthew Paul Turner’s Jesus Needs New PR. In a world where I’ve seen some truly bad ‘christianised’ products this is up there with the worst:

Fry Jesus’s face into your grilled cheese, pancakes, or burgers.

Yep, you can eat Jesus’s face without guilt. Why? Because you can simply make a new edible Jesus face.


What do you want to fry the face of Jesus into?!

(For more of the same you could also see my post Laughing at Christians.

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