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Conversation with an Imam

Posted by spritzophrenia on November 23, 2010

You may recall Santi was the initiator of Meal with a Muslim day a couple of months back. At the time he made friends with Kamal al Khatib, a local Imam in Southern California. Recently he’s been posting short clips of a conversation they had in the mosque.

Here’s the second one where they discuss the concept of love in Islam, among other things. Note: Where the Imam is referring to “narrations” I believe he is talking about the Hadith, traditions about Mohammed outside of the Qu’ran.

Here are the first and third conversations (so far).

Like me, Santi is an agnostic. I’d read and been taught that “love” is not one of the attributes of Allah talked about in the Qu’ran. Here, the Imam uses the traditions about Mohammed to add some light.


What is your impression of “love” in Islam? Does this change anything for you?

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