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Google Fails Evil Test?

Posted by spritzophrenia on May 16, 2010

Google’s company motto is “Don’t be evil” but yet again they’ve been caught fluffing privacy issues. The latest incident was exposed in Germany, but has been going on for years and no doubt occurs everywhere.

Google Inc. issued an apology Friday, acknowledging it has been vacuuming up fragments of people’s online activities broadcast over public Wi-Fi networks for the past four years while expanding a mapping feature called “Street View.”

[German] Minister Ilse Aigner said the “alarming incident” showed that Google still lacks an understanding of the need for privacy.

“According to the information available to us so far, Google has for years penetrated private networks, apparently illegally,” her office said in a statement Saturday.

The ministry also accuses Google of withholding information requested by German regulators.

I have for years had a “Small is Beautiful” theory about organisations – the larger they get, the more inhumane they become. Don’t be evil? Sorry guys, it’s too late.

I also posted about google here.

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