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What I’m Reading

Posted by spritzophrenia on March 10, 2010

Bibliophiles might enjoy this post. It’s intended as a reference for myself and for the curious, and will help me with bibliographies for my writing. You can search the net for them yourself, I’m often too lazy to add a link. Started mid-June 2010, so is missing quite a bit! Suggestions for reading welcome. Can’t do this without your help ๐Ÿ™‚

Well, I haven’t been a good boy and updated this for a long time. Just a few for now.

Foucault, Michel. [1966]. (2002). The Order of Things. An Archaeology of the Human Sciences. London: Routledge.

Foucault, Michel. [1975]. (1995). Discipline and Punish. The Birth of the Prison. Trans. Alan Sheridan. New York: Vintage Books/Random House.

Foucault, Michel. [1976]. (1978). The History of Sexuality, Volume 1. Translation Robert Hurley, London: Penguin.

Foucault, Michel. [1980]. โ€œAbout the Beginning of the Hermeneutics of the Self.โ€ in Carrette, J. (ed.) (1999). Religion and Culture. By Michel Foucault. New York: Routledge.

Foucault, Michel. [1982]. โ€œThe Subject and Power.โ€ in Dreyfus, Hubert L. and Rabinow, Paul. (1982). Michel Foucault: Beyond Structuralism and Hermeneutics. Brighton: The Harvester Press.

Foucault, Michel. [1983]. (2010). In The Government of Self and Others. Lectures at the Collรจge de France 1982-1983. (ed. Frederic Gros). Basingstoke: Palgrave MacMillan.

Foucault, Michel. (1998). Michel Foucault. Aesthetics, Method and Epistemology. ed. Faubion, James. New York: The New Press.

Can you tell I’ve been reading lots of Foucault this year? ๐Ÿ˜‰


Non Fiction
Vernon, Mark | After Atheism: Science, Religion and the Meaning of Life (agnostic theist)
Comte-Sponville, Andre | The Book of Atheist Spirituality (found it!)
Sallis, Zoe | Ten Eternal Questions (interviews people for their opinions)
Fukuyama, Francis | Our PostHuman Future (biotechnology and ethics. Some don’t like Fukuyama, but I thought it would lay the groundwork usefully.)
Lane Craig, William | No Easy Answers (Christian philosopher. doubt, failure etc)
Anne Lamott |Plan B
Elizabeth Gilbert | Eat, Pray, Love (populist hinduism for the west, soon to be a film. With Julia Roberts – blah. Very readable.)
Tomlinson, Dave | The Post Evangelical (seminal book)
Budd, Malcolm | Values of Art (philosophy of art)
Frankl, Victor | Man’s Search for Meaning (a classic work)
La Vey, Anton | The Satanic Bible (Dipped into. i Like it but tempted to put this under Fiction ๐Ÿ˜‰ )
Various authors | The (Christian) Bible (used to know it very well, now just dip into it.)
Eagleton, Terry | The Meaning of Life (he wrote my book! – see Showing My Hand.)
Chapman, Colin | Christianity On Trial (Lion, 1981) (Christian author outlines options very well. Great quotes.)
Lemmy (w Janiss Garza) | White Line Fever (autobiography)
Timothy Keller | The Reason For God (Dutton, 2008) (mainly for his brief but useful discussion of rationalism)
Romy Shiller | You Never Know(autobiography of a friend and amazing woman)
Anthony Flew | The Presumption of Atheism (Flew when he was an atheist)
Anthony Flew | There Is A God (The book he’s written about his reasons for now thinking God exists.)
Sue Hamilton, Indian Philosophy: A Very Short Introduction (Oxford Uni Press, 2001) Great little book.

Niles, Chris | Vanished (thriller)
Stephenson, Neal | Snow Crash (classic cyberpunk, has great religion quotes which I didn’t know, it was just time-off reading)
The Historian (QUALITY vampire writing, which is rare)
Le Carre, John | The Mission Song (the master)
Di Filippo, Paul | Ribofunk (biologic sci fi. Good)
Ellis, Deodato (Marvel Comics) | Thunderbolts : Faith In Monsters . (Enjoyable amoralism)
Gail Simone, Eaglesham et al | Villains United (DC Comics, 2005) (evil heroes trying to become good? Blurs the lines.)
Eric ? | Savage Dragon
Richard Morgan | Thirteen (SF cybernoir action. One of my favourite authors. Also published as ‘Black Man’)

See also https://spritzophrenia.wordpress.com/2010/07/16/booklust/

And this. I’m not doing well at updating with all I’ve read @November 2010 ๐Ÿ˜‰

Want to Read
No doubt there will always be more in this list than I can actually manage.

Berry, R.J | Real Scientists, Real Faith: 17 Leading Scientists Reveal the Harmony Between Their Science and Their Faith scientists who are also theists
Adams, Douglas | The Meaning of Liff (and want to re-read his others for the ??th time)
Eric Reitan | Is God A Delusion: A Reply To Religion’s Cultured Despisers (liberal-ish christian? reply to the new atheists by a theist? philosopher)

Suggestions by Others
Shiller, Bryant | The 5th Option (proposed new options for origins of life. Thanks Romy.)
Aronson Living Without God (thanks Romansh.)
Mary O’Reilly | The Barn At The End of the World (The Apprenticeship of a Quaker, Buddhist Shepherd. Thanks Kimh)

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