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Meal With A Muslim Day 2011 – September 16

Posted by spritzophrenia on August 29, 2011

Last year we celebrated the first international Meal with a Muslim Day. Won’t you join us this year?

Have a meal, or coffee.

Initiate dialogues, not hate.

If you’re a Muslim, find a non-Muslim. If you’re a non-Muslim, find a Muslim.

Spread the word, and invite him or her out for some coffee or a bite to eat and a chat (breakfast, lunch, dinner, or just a quick coffee) on September 16th. If that date isn’t convenient, another day is fine. Ramadan has finished by then. Some Muslims may choose to invite their neighbours early, for Iftar. Iftar is the breaking of the fast during Ramadan.

Tell him or her that you’re doing it for the second international Meal with a Muslim Day— a day designed to open up human conversations between Muslim and non-Muslim neighbors.

The rules: eat and drink what you want and talk about what you want. If you feel comfortable, ask each other some of the ‘hard’ questions and listen respectfully to what they say.

Josef and Santi

Yes, I know it’s late notice. I had good intentions of publicising it early this year and it crept up on me. Nevertheless, you’ll be surprised at who you can find if you ask around. I managed to find someone at the last minute. Here’s the story of My Meal With a Muslim last year.

Watch the video below where Santi (non-Muslim) and Josef (Muslim) explain their reasons behind this idea. (A positive response to that “burn a Qu’ran” pastor.)

And please spread the word! The facebook event is here http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=257460320941310

Please spread the word!


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5 Responses to “Meal With A Muslim Day 2011 – September 16”

  1. I’m definitely going to try to do it, this is a fantastic idea. Problem is, I don’t know any Muslims. Maybe I should ask at a local mosque? I’m guessing there are mosques in Christchurch but I’ve never seen one… :S

    Once I’ve set up a meeting I’ll have to arrange for some friends of mine to join. I think a nice mix of Philosophers (atheists and agnostics) and Christians would be a fun combination.

    • Yes, you could ask at a local mosque or Muslim bookstore, but what I plan to do is stick a few notices up at my university. Something like:

      are you

      I would like to invite you for coffee on
      Meal With A Muslim Day (Sept 16)

      This is a day for peaceful sharing between Muslims and non-Muslims,
      but I don’t have any Muslim friends.

      (see https://spritzophrenia.wordpress.com/2011/08/29/meal-with-a-muslim-day-2011-september-16/ for more information about Meal With A Muslim day )

      My name is Jonathan
      My phone number is xxx-xxxxxxxxxx
      My email is xxxxx@xxxxxxxx.xxx

      • You could also contact your international students association and explain what you are doing. They might be willing to forward your number to someone.

        I am wondering about putting “this is not a day for trying to convert anyone, simply listening to each other” but that might be … I dunno… might give the wrong idea?

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