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I Got Nothing

Posted by spritzophrenia on July 14, 2011

… so I’m gonna steal this straight from my friend Santi’s blog. Life is just too full to write much — beyond the notes I’m taking and the essays I’m writing, that is. So far, I got a B+ and an A- for two 4000-word essays, and I have 5000 words of notes already towards another 4000-word essay, and I haven’t even started writing about the main topic.

Santi writes:

Why Atheism is as Question Begging as Theism

Is the atheist conclusion that matter preceded mind from the very “beginning” of the universe more plausible, evidence-based, or rational than the theist conclusion (that mind preceded matter)?

I say no.

Here’s why. As a matter of logic, if you reject the existence of God or mind prior to matter and believe that atoms rustling in the void wholly accounts for all that is, then matter must have always existed or it must have come from nothing.

There is no third option. On the matter of ultimate origins, if you’re a strict materialist (matter precedes, and has always preceded, any appearance of mind) then you’re faced with Aristotle’s law of the excluded middle. Either way, you are in the same conundrum as the theist with regard to this question:

Where did the mind of God came from?

If it is question begging for the theist to say, “The mind of God came from nothing,” or “The mind of God has just always existed,” it is also question begging for the atheist to say, “Matter came from nothing,” or “Matter has just always existed.”

Be an atheist if you want. Just don’t pretend that the grounds for your belief enjoy more evidence, or are any less implausible or mind-boggling, than the person who says that she has chosen to believe that the mind of God precedes matter.


There, that was quick, wasn’t it? Santi is neither a theist, or atheist. (See what i did there?) He’s an agnostic, a university lecturer and a fairly smart cookie. That doesn’t mean he’s right, that’s for you to decide, and perhaps argue about in the comments 🙂 I bet they’re arguing already over his blog.

3 Responses to “I Got Nothing”

  1. Anne said

    Jonathan, Good to hear from you. Thought-provoking essay, thanks! I think it makes a lot of sense that the new routine with a baby as well as academics are keeping you busy. Hope at some point you’ll write about how you all are doing–and maybe another pic? I haven’t been on Twitter much lately and will check that also.

  2. I remember sitting through Dr. Kent Hovine’s (DVD) ptich on how absolutely silly and recidulous the Athiest’s point of view was that us (Humans, Life) came from nothing. Then when on to mock the idea of the Big Bang; that everything came from absolutely nothing. (Somehow not seeing that his own Born-Again, Evangelical belief-system believes this very same thing).


    I’ve always echoed Santi’s point myself. Atheism is a belief. (And I’m perfectly fine with it). But it is not a fact. The Atheists that push this issue (that they only believe in facts) are really little more than a different flavour of fundamentalist.

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