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Good News!

Posted by spritzophrenia on March 3, 2011

Today my music went up for sale for the first time ever. My music has been picked up and released by a proper record label. This has been in progress for a few months now, but I haven’t been able to give too many details away. My “artist” name is Xhile, and I’ve remixed a track for another artist. The label, BDR Dancefloor, will be releasing original tracks of mine in the near future too.

You can listen here

If you click the various links you’ll be able to hear the other tracks in this release.

Now I feel like a real musician– it really did feel like that to me when I saw my track available for purchase on the website where I buy much of my music (Juno). I’m really excited! I’ve mostly recovered from the bug I had, and managed to celebrate with a small glass of wine.

If you know someone who likes this kind of music, do me a favour and pass this link on to them please?


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9 Responses to “Good News!”

  1. Iain said

    Wow! A huge congratulations!

  2. Congratulations – that’s a great achievement. Good on you.

  3. SugarPop said

    Super massive big ups to you!!! Well done!!!

    You must be feeling fantastic. I’ll be sending all my friends and relations to Sound Cloud and encouraging them to procure said track – which is awesome, by the way 🙂

    And I just LOVE the image of Jumping for Joy 😀

  4. leesis said

    congrats Jon

  5. Anne said

    Jon, Just as you do with your writing, you’ve brought us a great deal of depth and soul through your music. You are a true communicator. The dream track brought me right into my feelings as a dreamer. Congratulations on a beautiful accomplishment!

  6. JunoDownload link is here:

    …but you can find it on eMusic and iTunes too as well as a few others.

  7. Weird. It just completely ignored the link I added.

    Oh, well….you can cut’n’paste…


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