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I’m Bored

Posted by spritzophrenia on November 24, 2010

Day three and the pain is not ending. I have a fear of being bored. It may be because I’m a head person, I live in my mind, as opposed to heart people who live in their emotions and gut people who live in their bodies.

I have many interesting books, but none of them appeal. There is television. Ugh. So banal I want to throw something. I have movies recorded. Yes, but I don’t want THOSE ones. Surfing the net just yields more tedium. Music? Meh. I could go out or talk to friends but I don’t have any money, and more tellingly, I can’t be bothered. Write? I have a killer writer’s block.


Happygirl suggests I go for a walk. But then I’d be left alone with my head, and my thoughts. I want to fill my head so that I don’t have to think. I don’t want to confront whatever horrors are waiting for me in my imagination. I want to get drunk or high to get out of myself, but I have no wine.

According to Schopenhauer, “The two enemies of human happiness are pain and boredom”. He was a grumpy old git anyway. I recall the rich and jaded Marie Antoinette said, “Nothing tastes”.

I see boredom as similar to depression. (Perhaps it IS depression.) It’s a change of perspective in myself, it’s not real. Nothing objective has changed in the world, therefore it’s my view of things that’s changed. For example, with a quick search I found the following:

* A fascinating and scary interview with a Mexican hit-man.

* According to this article, quoting the NY Times, US Corporations have just posted the biggest profits ever. When do the rest of us see the trickle down?

* Or for entertainment, an Indian teen sings “Club Can’t Handle Me”. One comment suggests the club won’t even let him in.

See? I bet you found at least one of those worthwhile. I can recognise with my intellect that these, and many other things are worthy of comment and attention. Yet my feelings tell me otherwise.

I’m conscious that a great many people in the world would love the luxury of being bored. I feel selfish and indulgent. But I can’t help what I feel. Perhaps it’s a spiritual malaise, but what does that mean? Do I have to just wait this out, or is there something I can do?

I wonder if connecting with nature will help me. Yes, I will try that. At this point, dear reader, we leave our author sitting alone in the garden, enjoying the sun and sifting soil through his hands.

[Edit: The dirt smells like cat piss. Typical.]


Have you ever felt like this? What do you do when you’re bored?
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18 Responses to “I’m Bored”

  1. abfabgab said

    I am bored all the time. Perhaps it’s because I think too much. I am very laid back and sloth-like yet hubby says I don’t know how to relax.. which I think is true. I can’t not be thinking or planning or dreaming. The idea of meditation sounds almost painful to me.. just sitting there and NOT thinking..lol.

  2. dogcicle said

    draw A picture, smoke a fat joint, go help somebody, go clean something,or go find someone more bored than i am. If this doesnt work, wait a week and repeat.

  3. Kara said

    DO NOT get drunk – stay away from the wine!!! 🙂 I suggest that a great way to get out of one’s thoughts/one’s head is to go volunteer for some foodbank or charity. THAT should remove one from boredom and from one’s head. But the trick is to just go do it, despite of what you are feeling. Don’t wait until you feel like – just go do it and then you will feel like it. Dr KE MD

  4. Lydia said

    I can’t quite tell if your pain is physical or emotional (maybe from being bored?), but either way I hope it ends soon. 😦

    I’ve been kind of bored and restless myself lately. I’m just now starting to get over a nasty bug that knocked me out of commission for a week.

    For boredom that isn’t the result of sickness, the following activities have worked for me in the past:

    – people watching. It’s amazing how much you can learn about someone by observing them!
    – like Dogcicle said, doing something to help somebody else. It’s as good for those who help as it is for those who are helped.
    – watching nature shows. Scripted TV (especially the reality shows) can get old fast, but I’m almost always interested in seeing how dolphins/baboons/lions etc. live.
    – Planning a future adventure. For example, I know I want to get back into hiking next spring so my hours of boredom now are sometimes filled with me looking at hiking gear and thinking about what I may need.
    – I just realized that I have no idea if you have a significant other. If you do, there are a few ways to amuse oneself there, too. 😀

  5. Fairy Wyrd said

    Boredom bites. Sometimes (especially when there’s no wine lol) I’ll crank up the music, get off my arse and do the housework I’ve been putting off. As much as I hate doing it, (and who enjoys housework?) soon I’m into it, singing along with the music – which I don’t do well, hence the volume 😉 – and a job gets done and I feel much better afterwards. I’ve got so many jobs to do around the house (and you know this J, you’ve seen the state my kitchen gets into, lol)
    I think that boredom and depression go together to a degree. When you’re depressed, you’re unmotivated and everything is a struggle, even the simplest of things is a mission. Nothing grabs you and makes you sit up and want to go out and experience the simplest of things. Something I’ve started doing while I’m spring cleaning (a slow process, but I’m creating space in my house and getting rid of shit) is creating a boredom pile. Things I can’t quite get rid of yet, or crafty things I haven’t done yet. When I have an “I’m bored” moment I get something from the boredom pile. I just have to stop raiding the boredom pile to procrastinate on my paperwork 😉
    Connecting with nature is an awesome idea. Is there anywhere in your yard you can start a herb or vegie garden. It doesn’t have to be big, but watching it grow, then eating what you’ve grown is great, especially for kids. (Yes, I know mine is overgrown, but I’m moving the veggie patch over xmas)

  6. SugarPop said

    Wow, some great suggestions! 🙂

    Getting out in nature; getting my hands into the earth; going for walks; basking in the sunshine; singing; dancing; drawing; painting; making things with my hands; clearing away the accumulated crap in my home; random acts of kindness for unsuspecting others – all these things remind me that I’m part of something greater; that what I have to offer and express is worthwhile; and reminds me to be grateful for what I have.

    And VOILA! Boredom is vanquished!


    The other thing I try to remember when I’m not feeling so crash hot is “this too will pass”.

    Thanks, Jonathan, for your honest writing.

  7. Theresa said

    When I over-think my brain into boredom, it always helps to “over-exercise” the body with running, in-lining or whatever. Kind of get the mind/ body into a balance.
    If boredom occurs, without “thinking-to-much-reasons”, for me, it’s because nothing new really has happened in a couple of days, so then my solution is to experience something new.
    But, if you’re having a toothache, scream or drink!! (
    but not combined, or well, if you get arrested, I’ll bet the boredom will dissappear.

  8. Cristine said

    you have got to be kidding me!!!!!!

  9. Karen said

    When I get bored like you described, I totally give in to it and get absorbed in “nothingness”. Of course I still feed the cats and the dog, but no chores get done that day. That day the dog does not get his walk, he will just have to pee on the lawn. I just hang out in my pj’s, sleep, despair, watch endless stupidity on tv, and watch the hours crawl by. Almost always, I feel like myself again the next day with energy to spare.

    Today is December 9, you are no longer bored are you ? 🙂

  10. Karen said

    oops ! I notice it is December 10 across the pond.

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