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Door-to-Door Laughs

Posted by spritzophrenia on November 12, 2010

Everyone else seems to think merely posting a video is a valid “blog”, so I will do likewise 😉 It’s kinda like slapping down a large smelly fish, and saying, “Eat that, I can’t be bothered writing anything”.

Does door-to-door religion bother you? May I present John Safran, an Australian. I think he’s funny.

[Translators note for Americans: When he says “beezniss”, that means “business”. When he says “feer dinkum”, that means “I’m from a small country town, and I really believe this”. I would like to point out that I’m from a different country, and I don’t talk like this at all. Well, not much.]


? What do you do when salesmen come to your door?
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6 Responses to “Door-to-Door Laughs”

  1. Ha! ‘To quote salt n’ peppa’…AMAZING!!

  2. 'Seph said



  3. OMG!! (lol!!) This is Hysterical!! I have found a kinship across the Pacific pond!!

    Thanks for sharing!

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