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In Case You Were Wondering

Posted by spritzophrenia on November 8, 2010

For regular readers, I’m trying a new way of doing things, so that password protected post will be visible once the interview-ee has approved it, probably sometime in the next week. I dunno if I will do this again, as having it visible but password protected is annoying. Still, ya don’t know until ya try.

Jonathan šŸ™‚

“Be humble for you are made of earth. Be noble for you are made of stars.” – Serbian proverb”


5 Responses to “In Case You Were Wondering”

  1. Lydia said

    So, does anyone other than you have access to that post at the moment?

    Just curious. I’ve never made a password-protected post before and am not quite sure how it all works. šŸ™‚

    • Neither have I, Lydia, so we are both learning. šŸ˜€ Anyone I give the password to has access to it, as I understand.

      I wanted a way for someone else to preview a post as it actually will look.

      I am now going to try to see if I can hide it from other people as well. I think from the settings I might be able to, but still learning this bit.

    • Update for Lydia (and other interested parties): It looks like you can’t make a post private (hidden) AND give it a password so someone else can see it. So to allow someone else to have a preview you have to make them a blog editor or administrator.

      I don’t think I can be bothered with that, but might try next time.

  2. SugarPop said

    WONDERFUL quote, Mr Elliot! I shall use it myself… šŸ˜€

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