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Jesus Vampire Zombie

Posted by spritzophrenia on October 19, 2010

I think I’m still in a very mild depression. It’s only a one or two out of a scale of ten being most severe, but my days are rather passionless.

I shared part of my life story over at Crystal’s blog. Please go leave a comment there?

Iain from Phrenic Philosophy sent me this a few weeks back. Hilarious and somewhat true.
Jesus zombie vampire venn diagram

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9 Responses to “Jesus Vampire Zombie”

  1. SugarPop said

    I like it! Not that you are down – that’s not so much fun – but your share from Iain and also your guest appearance on Crystal’s blog. Enjoyed πŸ™‚

  2. When I taught at a University I used a Venn diagram to illustrate the variations in femininity and masculinity. This one rocks!

    • That would be an interesting Venn diagram, good idea I hadn’t thought about illustrating genders in that way.

      • I think you would have liked my class β€˜The Representation of Gender n Film’ and have been a very interesting student. πŸ™‚

        For me there is a spectrum for being male or female. Butch and Femme can be occupied by either sex.

  3. Anne said

    Whoa, that is interesting and very funny. Thanks Iain and Jonathon. I’m sorry that you’re feeling a bit lackluster. Been there myself these last few weeks. Was thinking that I no longer have that sense of wonder about new situations (here on Earth) like I did when I was younger. Now it seems like I just sum it up right away and there’s rarely a “wow.” Yet I do find the wow in some areas, including your blog. What you’re writing about is important to me and others. Thanks for building this conversation and doing it in such a fascinating way.

    • Anne, that’s so sweet. Thankyou. It encourages me that people like you find some meaning or provocation here.

      I’ve suffered from depression (off and on) most of my adult life. I will blog about it one of these days.

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