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Bad Science! Go Sit in the Corner

Posted by spritzophrenia on October 15, 2010

One of the problems with reporting early results from science is that sometimes… they’re wrong! Just a few days ago I reported on the discovery of a possibly Earth-like planet.

Now New Scientist reports it might not exist. Thanks to Atheist Climber for alerting me to this.

Last month, a team of astronomers announced the discovery of the first alien world that could host life on its surface. Now a second team can find no evidence of the planet, casting doubt on its existence.

The planet, dubbed Gliese 581 g, was found to orbit a dim, red dwarf star every 37 days …

But it might be too early to claim a definitive detection. A second team of astronomers have looked for signals of Gliese 581 g in their own data and failed to find it.

Planet Earth

That’s science for ya folks. No doubt over the next few years we’ll discover what is really going on out there. Probably those mean aliens are using their superior technologiez to hide themselves from us.

Either way, it’s probably inevitable a similar discovery will be made one day. And it doesn’t change my original question:

If we found alien life, would that be a problem for world religions? I know one group of weirdos who’ll be pleased— the Alien Sex Cult I reported on.


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5 Responses to “Bad Science! Go Sit in the Corner”

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  2. dogcicle said

    I’ve been waiting for 2 days for the mother-ships arrival predicted for 10-13,14-2010 ….and all i got so far are a few UFOs in NYC, Malaysia, China and England..i’m very disappointed

  3. Socratica said

    It’s exciting that you posted on this. God bless scientists (irony intended), but sometimes they get it wrong. Just like with religious leaders, we’d all be so much better off if they could admit when they made a boo boo and, who knows, maybe even laugh it up.

    I know some religious persons who wouldn’t have any problem at all with life in other places in the universe. I also know some who would sooner believe that they were living in the Matrix than succumb to such heresy. I think sometimes we agnostics stereotype “Christians,” “Buddhists,” “Muslims,” etc. horribly incorrectly, just as they sometimes do to us. The safest bet is simply to walk up to an actual person and ask, “So what do you think?”

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