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I Wonder

Posted by spritzophrenia on October 11, 2010

I wonder whether people found confronting pain and suffering in last week’s series too uncomfortable. What do you think?

I got some new commenters— thanks! But I also got the impression some people were not wanting to engage with the dark side of the world. I’ve always tried to stare the hard questions in the face, it’s something I’ve done ever since my late teens.

I think I’ll leave the series where it is and move on. A week is probably long enough for any one topic anyway, right? I’ve read Hawking’s Grand Design and will write a review at some point. I’ve also got a piece coming up on a friend’s blog about my journey from christian to agnostic, and am finishing another book review for a friend.

cloud question

At this point there are a lot of directions I could go on Spritzophrenia, but I wonder if there are any particular topics you’d like to me to write on? Just askin’ 🙂


2 Responses to “I Wonder”

  1. mentalveggies said

    The very nature of a topic being uncomfortable, like pain or even death, means we should tackle it head on, I think. No more burying our heads in the sand, that makes things more difficult. Bravo for opening the dialog on pain.

  2. What are the parameters for your writing? Plumbing techniques?

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