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I Would Like a Great Lake of Beer

Posted by spritzophrenia on September 16, 2010

I would like to have the men of Heaven
In my own house:
With vats of good cheer
laid out for them.

I would like to have the three Marys,
Their fame is so great.
I would like people
From every corner of Heaven.

I would like them to be cheerful
In their drinking.
I would like to have Jesus too
Here amongst them.

I would like a great lake of beer
For the King of Kings,
I would like to be watching Heaven’s family
Drinking it through all eternity.

~ Celtic poem from 10th century Ireland.

Celtic roots

Man, those Irish Celts, eh? Pity I don’t like beer. I have Irish heritage and one of the things I like about Celtic christianity is the way they incorporated it with their culture in a very earthy way. There’s comfort in that. Making the divine, human; the esoteric, common; the mystical, mundane.

I wonder what part of my modern culture could do with taking up into g0d? What part of yours?


? What do you think?

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5 Responses to “I Would Like a Great Lake of Beer”

  1. season said

    Unfortunately I think God has already been taken up in our culture in the form of consumerism. I have never seen so much “get rich quick” christianity on our televisions and in our pulpits.

  2. St. Michael said

    What you posted is actually the Prayer of St. Brigid, not merely a “Celtic Poem.”
    The patroness Saint of Ireland. Return to the one true faith , my son.
    much love, St. Michael the Archangel

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