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Comment Changes – A Note for Regular Readers

Posted by spritzophrenia on September 10, 2010

Hello, Dear Readers

And you are, dear to me.

I’ve changed my comment settings to only allow 4 levels of “nested” or “threaded” comments. This is because they get really hard to read beyond that, as the boxes get so small.

If you want to continue a conversation, please do, you’ll just have to start a new thread below and say “Hey, Bob, re: what you said above…”. You can even link to the previous comment if you’re confident in how to do that.

Jonathan Elliot

This does mean some older conversations are partly hidden now. I’m not trying to suppress your point of view! It’s just what WordPress does – they are actually still there, we just can’t see them unless I change the settings.

Let me know what you think, and if you prefer, we can go back to the old way.

With great warmth and affection,


2 Responses to “Comment Changes – A Note for Regular Readers”

  1. SugarPop said

    Great idea – I guess we’ll *see* how it goes…
    I appreciate not only your writing, but the continuous improvement tweaks you make to your site so that our reading experience more pleasurable.

    Thanks 🙂

  2. Anne said

    If it works for you, it’s good : )

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