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White People Need More Sex – Humour Break

Posted by spritzophrenia on September 7, 2010

Ooh, it’s been so SERIOUS recently! Time for some light relief. White people need more sex:

We talked recently about Eat, Pray, Love, so seeing this made me chortle:

Drink Play F--k

I don’t know if it’s any good, here’s a review. “Drink, Play, F**k: One Man’s Search for Anything Across Ireland, Las Vegas, and Thailand”. Love it.

Your Thoughts?

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16 Responses to “White People Need More Sex – Humour Break”

  1. Ha!

  2. Thought she was sort of funny. Whether it’s a joke or not, she has a point. Oh, and her hoo hoo’s look fake.

    • Possibly her hoo hoos are fake, but she’s also breastfeeding her baby, so that might have something to do with it.

      Are you going to do your bit for white people? Gosh, this is sounding like a recruitment ad for the KKK 😀

  3. Sorry but all of her looks fake…boyz…

  4. Fairy Wyrd said

    What’s whita and 12 inches long? Lmao, I love it! and her parting shot…too many people should be banned from the internet…

    Thanks for the giggle J. A great way to start the day 😉

  5. SugarPop said

    Incisive social comment delivered with humour by a quintessentially white hot breast-feeding mother – that’s awesome. So many layers in that onion! 😀

  6. Anne said

    She’s absolutely right. : +

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