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Misconduct in Eat Pray Love’s Guru?

Posted by spritzophrenia on August 15, 2010

Just a quick update to note I’ve updated my Eat Pray Love post to include some criticisms from Salon.

“What [readers of EPL] probably won’t know is that the unnamed guru is a hugely controversial figure who has disappeared from public view amid allegations of manipulation, financial misconduct and intimidation. And as that guru’s organization, the Siddha Yoga Dham of America (SYDA), has come under fire, her own guru … has been accused of sexual abuse, molestation and sexual intercourse with minor girls.”


7 Responses to “Misconduct in Eat Pray Love’s Guru?”

  1. Neither new-age nor Hindu. * I haven’t read the book – just saw the film.
    A psychologist was interviewed about the film on the radio. She said that it’s hard to translate introspection and navel-gazing to the big screen. I disagree except for this film. She also said that Gilbert always had a man in her life and that continues via teachers etc. The same song, only in Sanskrit.

    The film yanked at my travel-bug. I also want to eat exquisite food.

    It’s very good to bring Hindu ideals to the masses but I see Mary-Louise Parker in the role actually. A HUGE Hollywood movie star is like ‘buy me ’or buy Hinduism. The slickness…

    I might write a review and cite you if you don’t mind.

    Poorly made, hollow, the worst this year.

    • Thanks, really useful. Her year “away” was an exception for Gilbert, and she fully acknowledges she’s always had a man in the book (which, as I say, is a good book imho). Intriguingly, her guru is a woman, so you could argue this year really was an exception for her.

      Cite away 🙂

    • Romy, I’m curious to why you said “neither” New Age or Hindu? I guess that’s the impression from the movie?

      Also I checked the metacritic reviews- very useful. http://www.metacritic.com/movie/eat-pray-love/critic-reviews Overall it gave it a score of 50/100 which is fairly mediocre. The lowest scoring ones are fun to read, eg Rolling Stone:

      “The movie left me with the feeling of being trapped with a person of privilege who won’t stop with the whine whine whine.”


  2. Jenna said

    I’m very interested in this issue, so I’ve been doing a little research. I ran across this and thought you might be interested: http://www.strippingthegurus.com/stgsamplechapters/muktananda.asp

    Also, I’ve found a little information on Rick Ross’ site (don’t know if you’ve heard of him): http://www.rickross.com/ Just search “SYDA.” There are also several ex-SYDA sites out on the Web.

  3. My Eat, Pray, Love film review http://tinyurl.com/27tyzl8

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