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Celebrating The Weeds

Posted by spritzophrenia on August 4, 2010

In the comments last week someone characterised my project as “sorting out the weeds”. I like that. Weeds can be beautiful as well as inconvenient in my opinion. Here’s a scattershot bouquet to admire or throw away.


I’ve been getting some balance back into my life. I pushed myself too hard writing critically and intended to get away from the computer. Instead I spent a large part of the weekend coaching my 12 year-old through his science project. So much for getting away from the computer.

I’ve also been thinking about balance in terms of spiritual paths. Reading the last week or two’s posts you could get the impression that only atheism or some kind of christianity count here. I don’t claim that all religions are the same. I do want to be open to insights. Have a random Bhagavad Gita quote:

“There is neither this world nor the world beyond nor happiness for the one who doubts.”

Dandelion in the sun


I do believe serious thinking needs to be done as part of my spiritual journey. There’s still gonna be some intellectual heavy lifting here, it’s part of who I am and I can’t escape that. But I don’t want to neglect the rest of life or get stuck down the rabbit hole of endless philosophy, obscure science or irrelevant theology. Let me know if I’m doing that, won’t ya? Sometimes I’m unable to back up everything I ponder with academic research, which disappoints the ego in me, but that’s life. I want to let go my attachment to being right.

We’re allowed to change our opinions. Some days I will be logical to the point of inanity. Some days I will be fluffy and mystical. Some days I will appear to favour one path, others another. It’s all part of my journey, and I reserve the right to change my mind as I learn. This is Spritzophrenia, after all.

This is not to say I think all is one, or there are no answers, merely that the path is sometimes unclear and may require backtracking.


Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.
– Helen Keller, quoted in Who Knew.

I’m valuing the experience of friendship, and the discussions of late. I think there is so much we can agree on, even if we can’t agree on everything. I value you. You don’t have to be an intellectual or spiritual giant to belong here. I’m not. Besides, giants can scare away the little people. I’m sometimes amazed and delighted at the connections people make with what I write. When I see your comments I find myself thinking, “I really love you maaaan”. No, I haven’t been drinking 😉

I thought you might enjoy the hilarious “Internet verses real life” sketches, particularly the final section on what internet discussions can be like. (Some language may offend.)

Wood sorrel

I’m valuing life experience in spirituality, and remembering the path contains joy as well as hardship. (Read “personal development” for spirituality if you prefer.) After a brain-draining and exhausting weekend I spent time on Sunday sitting in a pub reading, drinking cider and eating hot bread. The good things in life are indeed good. I like the Celtic christian way of talking about deity as “The good God”, who brings good things to our life. Hopefully a genuine spiritual path involves celebrating this life, extreme asceticism has never appealed to me. Judaism often has an earthiness and a real-world focus which is warming, as I understand it.

I think I’ve finally worked out who I’m writing for. Me, of course. But also other seekers, people who haven’t got a fixed, firm and final perspective on everything and who are looking to grow, to learn and to share. Do you know anyone like that who might enjoy reading this blog?

So there you are, a few weeds to either keep or throw. Which did you react to or resonate with? Have a great day.

9 Responses to “Celebrating The Weeds”

  1. SugarPop said

    A weed is only a weed in the eyes of the beholder. In England gorse and broom can be purchased at the local garden centre. In New Zealand they are a bane and much time, effort and money is spent on controlling or eliminating these from our environment.

    Personally, I think even the most noxious weed has a unique beauty. I’m always surprised by what beauty and insight I discover all around when I keep an open mind and take the time to look and listen. I particularly like the dandelion metaphor for changing one’s mind.

    Thank you Jonathan, for clearly identifying your audience. That, I think, will help grow your readership.

  2. Anne said

    Nice comment, Sugarpop. “Weeds” –I think that’s a pretty good metaphor for the many ways to see spirituality (using that term loosely, including all views… or maybe it should be Spritzophrenality??). Weeds grow everywhere, but are often looked past, as though they aren’t part of the picture. There’s a woman who lived along the Columbia River in Oregon for many years who now weaves baskets from all kinds of weeds. She likes to recreate Pre-Columbian patterns. I like that she brings historical context to what she creates; for me, history is where I get many of my beliefs and perspectives. I like that you used the names of various weeds in your post, Jonathan. There’s something about taking the “common” and seeing it’s mystery. And I also like that you bring up followings other than Christianity or Atheism. I really agree that personal development is all about knowing your spirituality or evolving life philosophy AND also about friendship (if I read you right). There’s a lot in this post.

  3. ‘someone characterised my project as “sorting out the weeds”.
    Romy did.

    ‘Weeds can be beautiful as well as inconvenient.’

  4. Oh, and I’m really a middle aged man with Royal connections.

  5. tiff said

    “I want to let go my attachment to being right”…now that’s a little nugget of gold.

    Beautiful writing, or should I say, “onlinerific!” (that video cracked me up)

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