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Miracles Do Happen

Posted by spritzophrenia on June 22, 2010

Here in little ole New Zealand, the big news – no, HUGE news – is the local football team the “All Whites”. That’s a “soccer” team for you non-European sports fans.

We’re a small country, football isn’t the top sport here, and it’s the first time we’ve had a team qualify for the tournament in 30 years. Not only did the All Whites draw with Slovakia, but they drew 1-1 with current world champions Italy.

This is so unexpected I think it really does qualify as a miracle. After all, sport is a religion for many people.

This post comes complete with eye candy. I thought some of you might appreciate pictures of shirtless men.

The All Whites thank the gods of football (www.stuff.co.nz).

By the way, if g0d exists and people on each side of a sports match pray, who does g0d listen to? I have my theory on this. What’s yours?

[Edit]Not original to me, but I tweeted the other day: The England team went to visit an orphanage in South Africa this morning. “It’s good to put a smile on the faces of people with no hope, constantly struggling and facing the impossible” said Jamal Umboto aged 6

7 Responses to “Miracles Do Happen”

  1. Iain said

    I think I’ll have to go with the perspective of that other guy on god/satan and morality and say that I think that god is above the lowly human activity of sports 😉

    But then… that’s probably because *I* am above sports 😀

    I think that makes me idolatrous?

    • Heh. I think the idolatry is more something sports fans encapsulate, in an Abrahamic religious perspective.

      Me too. If g0d gives us free will, and therefore values the consistent physicality of the world then g0d doesn’t give a rats gonad who wins. She just says “May the best team win” and doesn’t interfere. Useless to pray, on that perspective. Y’hear me sports mad christians? 😉

      I am generally above sports too. Until we win.

  2. SugarPop said

    Here’s some (possibly a little inaccurate – I’m NOT a sports aficionado…) related trivia… Italy has some hundreds of thousands (something in the order of 125,000 I think?) professional football players, whereas ‘lil ole NZ has a grand total of 25 – I’ll just spell that out to be clear – that’s right; TWENTY FIVE professional footballers. 😀

    • Wow. I’m surprised we have ANY professional footballers. I guess most of them play in European leagues.

      And if your Italian figures are anything like accurate… wow… just wow. Religion is right. They might have more professional footballers than professional clerics :O

  3. SugarPop said

    Also quite appreciate the eye candy 😉

  4. The Agnostic Pentecostal said

    might i add that our little US team still there is a miracle. drawing with UK? and…worst of all, f-cking cheap calls against a perfectly good top-corner is a miracle of the negative order. Sorry…former footballer myself, until I started ruining my lungs in university.

    …and as for your question, I submit for consideration the old song “The Day After Tomorrow.” I’ve pondered it here: http://theagnosticpentecostal.com/2010/04/28/in-todays-news/

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