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Nature Was Sacred

Posted by spritzophrenia on May 14, 2010

Now, an atheist can not believe in the conventional religious gods of the culture and still feel a great sense of the sacred, even if you don’t call it sacred. And there are many people, great scientists, who feel this way.

When I was younger I was totally allergic to what I saw as religion: Judaism and even worse, Christianity—it was my enemy. But I loved nature, and for me nature was sacred. I didn’t use that word, but it made me quiet; it made me feel a sense of something greater than myself; it made me wish to serve something. So I was an atheist, but I recall it as spiritual—a spiritual atheism.

~ Jacob Needham on atheists feeling religious emotions.


More on Atheist Spirituality here.

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3 Responses to “Nature Was Sacred”

  1. In my book I say, ‘I used to go camping as much as I could. I remember that the sunlight in Prince Edward Island seemed really special to me. I thought if God made a heaven, this light would be used. Needless to say, this is one of my favourite spots on Earth, and I have done a lot of travelling. To me, Prince Edward Island is completely magical. So it makes perfect sense to me that most of my dreams are set in nature.’

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  3. […] Nature Was Sacred […]

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