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Alien Sex Cult!

Posted by spritzophrenia on February 21, 2010

I did say I was going to investigate sex gurus. How about a nudist alien cult that has a $20 million embassy in Jerusalem? I’d heard of Raëlians, and had a vague acquaintance with their teachings. What I didn’t know is their sideline in sex games.

According to the Edmonton Sun “Former members of the Raëlian cult say attractive members of the movement cruise strip clubs and bars looking for lonelyhearts who are offered free sex – and plenty of it – to recruit them into the organization.”

His very disillusioned ex-wife tells tells how Frenchman Vorilhon (the man now known as Raël) brought home hundreds of young women to have sex with during their 15-year marriage, and exposed his kids to “debauchery”.

Vorilhon, the balding man pictured at right wearing a bad Star Wars suit, was allegedly caught up in a spaceship operated by aliens known as “Elohim”, surprise surprise. Elohim is an ancient Hebrew word found in the Bible, as is “Yahweh”, the name of g0d and also of the alien who spoke to him in French. Vorilhon had dinner with Jesus, Moses, Buddha and Mohammed before being introduced to cloned women and having a sex party at his space apartment. No, I’m not making this up.

Raëlians are very into science, are opposed to war and have allegedly already cloned a human. These days they also operate a website in support of porn stars. Apparently while he was away for “666 days” (yes, really) the aliens used a technique on Monsieur Raël to improve his intelligence, as the ultimate leaders of the earth will be a “geniocracy”. No comment.

Don’t get me wrong, they do have good things to say:

Take the perverted poseurs out of the equation and just focus on the true Raëlian philosophy, and many atheists and skeptics will find a lot that they can get on board with. Science as a solution to the problems of the world is a great strategy. Advanced technology to improve health and longevity is a great thing too. Love instead of war, who can argue with that? Moreover, the Raëlian Movement is probably less harmful than many other religions, since they don’t teach that your child can be cured of his cancer by telepathically appealing to a paranormal superbeing, and so far nobody’s ever fought a war or perpetrated a terrorist attack over Raëlian religious differences.

After all, it’s rare for any movement or teaching to hold totally abhorrent or false beliefs. However, as skeptoid also points out, we can believe in science, oppose war and promote love without adding the flakey creation myth and stupid stories about aliens. Wikipedia has a balanced but cautious article, but for my money you can’t go past Skeptoid‘s very readable and humorous take on them.

I’m single right now. Any sexy Raelian’s want to induct me?


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7 Responses to “Alien Sex Cult!”

  1. Not mentioning the unaccurate testimonies (you can always find testimonies against ANYthing) I have to add my testimony: attending ‘happiness university’ (1-week raelian seminars) with Rael you will notice how much “normal” people lack of imagination! Sexual “freedom” in contrast seems to unleash it (at least for some single males 😉 And science will make soon the biological robots Rael could enjoy on the Elohim’s planet, 24 hours, not 666 days, too bad for him, hahaha ;-).

  2. FairyWyrd said

    Wow, just when you think you’ve seen everything, something like the Raelians come along. Where do you find this stuff?? Let me know how your quest to join goes 😉

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