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The Jesus Frying Pan

Posted by spritzophrenia on February 14, 2010

I’m yoinking this straight from Matthew Paul Turner’s Jesus Needs New PR. In a world where I’ve seen some truly bad ‘christianised’ products this is up there with the worst:

Fry Jesus’s face into your grilled cheese, pancakes, or burgers.

Yep, you can eat Jesus’s face without guilt. Why? Because you can simply make a new edible Jesus face.


What do you want to fry the face of Jesus into?!

(For more of the same you could also see my post Laughing at Christians.


5 Responses to “The Jesus Frying Pan”

  1. LunaJune said

    I was taught from junior kindergarten to grade three by full habit wearing nuns…. don’t get me wrong I loved those ladie
    they shone a love light on me like no one else back then.
    They said one day… draw a picture of Jesus…I was 6…yes there were pictures all over the classroom.. but I was a smart kid and raised my hand…Sister Joan..there were no cameras back then so nobody knows what Jesus looked like!
    Well this lead to me being in the hallway with my desk drawing a picture of the Ark…she didn’t wait for my discussion about that…I bet she would want one of these frying pans

  2. Is this for real? Come on??!!!!

  3. The Agnostic Pentecostal said

    This brings the practice of communion to the next level. 😉

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