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Such A Shame: Grief

Posted by spritzophrenia on February 6, 2010

Over two months ago my girlfriend and I broke up. I’m still grieving.

Listen to Talk Talk | Such A Shame while reading. It’s today’s blog backing track.
I’m gutted by this change. We’d been together for about a year, not long by many standards but I really felt she was ‘the one’. I feel sad all the time, I feel the loss of the children I’ll never have; this was an important part of being with her and I’d come to want kids again. I’m really grieving. The light has gone from my life. I’m still going to work, doing stuff, but there is no joy. I miss her terribly.
Grief is the reaction to a loss. It needn’t be a death, the loss of a job or a divorce can trigger grief reactions. Any significant change in life can trigger a sense of loss, even moving house. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross proposed common stages of grief which many go through, which others have adapted; they won’t be the same for everyone and they won’t necessarily be in this order.


The stages are


Anger and Bargaining


Pain And Sorrow

Release And Resolution

Return To the Willingness To Love

May I have the strength to go through this.

I looked for spiritual thoughts on grief and found this Muslim article focusing mainly on death. For those who consider Islam to be reactionary, I found this a very considerate piece, talking a great deal of g0d’s love and forgiveness, which might surprise some.

“Such a shame to believe of escape
A life on every face”

What are your thoughts on grief?

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  2. Wow, I just scrolled down and read this. Keep writing, invite friends over, take those hugs.
    HUGS from here too !

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