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Laughing at Christians

Posted by spritzophrenia on January 8, 2010

I’m feeling lazy and have totally yoinked this from stuffchristianculturelikes. Like me, Stephanie can’t believe how darn tacky (US) Christianity can be. Stephanie blogs about “cultural christianity” saying “at one point or another I’ve been a willing participant in almost all the things I talk about here. I sort of consider myself an expert on Christian culture as I am a preacher’s kid and I’m also married to a preacher’s kid. Christian culture is funny because it doesn’t have much (if anything) to do with Christ himself.”

Stuff Christian culture likes #96 Playing Guitar Praise in lieu of Guitar Hero

Christian culture needed an alternative to the degenerate Guitar Hero, so they made their own version. Now you don’t have to pretend to play guitar along to secular music. With Guitar Praise you can pretend to play guitar along to Christian music that has been run through Auto-Tune and injected with silicone.

Guitar Praise lets you “rock out” to contemporary Christian songs that each sound like a Creed/Jonas Brothers mash-up. The website for Guitar Praise says “You’ll soon be rockin’ with the best while praising the Lord!”

Christian culture’s idea of “rockin'” is as questionable as their definition of the word “best.” Rather than violate your soul with secular music, violate your senses with this! Is God glorified by the Christian-ifying of video games? Christian culture seems to think so.



listening to evil satanic music


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