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Let There Be Light Relief

Posted by spritzophrenia on December 28, 2009

After the heavy going of the last couple of posts I thought we could do with a break. Settle back and prepare to laugh; at least if you have a somewhat cynical sense of humour. Starting with a funny and critical look at a passage from the Jewish scriptures (Christian First Testament).

(Christians and Jews don’t ignore these difficult passages – at least the educated ones don’t – but I’m keeping this post light.)

I love webcomics, and from time to time I look at religion in comics. This time, a favourite of mine – Bigger Than Cheeses by Desmond Seah – an Australian, no less. I like my cousins across the ditch 🙂 Des toons about much more than religion, it’s the subject of only a minority of his comics. For example:

One of my favourite BTC characters is Jesus Man. Here’s some more samples. Note this is some of his older work.


Go take a look, and tell Des I sent ya. Also, check out my new blog pal Jacob at www.rowdycreator.com, he’s got interesting stuff to say. Please subscribe to my RSS feed! (at right) 🙂

Seeya next time. 🙂

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6 Responses to “Let There Be Light Relief”

  1. Bigger than Cheeses probably has the best grip on how to approach relgion in a webcomic; with no regard for anything other than brilliant humour!

  2. FairyWyrd said

    Following today’s theme, check out the link


    I love regretsy for a giggle, but when I saw this, I thought of you 😉

    • hahaha, thankyou 😀

      Hail Barbie,
      Full of Win,
      The Lord is awesome!
      Blessed art thou among 11″ fashion dolls,
      and blessed is thy Porsche
      which is sold separately.
      Malibu Barbie,
      Sister of Skipper,
      play with us now,
      and at the hour of 3:00,
      when we get home from school.


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