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In The Beginning…

Posted by spritzophrenia on December 22, 2009

“Write whatcha know”, they always say.  For some time I’ve wanted to write what’s important and interesting to me.  I offer my thoughts, learning and experiences to help you find your way through this strange world we call “life”.  I’m writing a blog and maybe a book about spirituality, agnosticism and my search for g0d.  Not to mention music, personal development and humour. So here it is.

Hi, I’m Jonathan. Nice to meet you.

Perhaps it’s appropriate that I write this at the summer solstice – I live in New Zealand, an upside-down world for you northern hemisphere folk.

I’m still trying to work out exactly what the theme will become, but I think it might be something like “The Meaning of Life” or “Spiritual Schizophrenia” (1). Do you have any ideas? I’d welcome that.

My writing is fairly informal, yet intellectual in places, and includes a small amount of stuff other than pure (ir)religious discussion to keep it light. Humour for the win!

A comparison blog and book project would be www.happiness-project.com I highly recommended this site for good practical advice on something close to all our hearts – our own happiness. Some other time I’d like to blog about happiness as a spiritual goal. I have a feeling Buddhism for example, does not rate our own personal happiness particularly highly. Any buddhists able to clarify this for me?

I’ll be honest about my background, and my intentions. There is no such thing as a neutral position in this subject, so it’s best just to be honest about my biases, as my sociology training suggests.

Regarding the first, I’m a former committed evangelical christian, now agnostic who still has a soft spot for g0d-stuff. Not to mention a strong revulsion for most conservative christian expressions of spirituality. Socially, I’m mostly what the USAsians call ‘liberal’; I support gay marriage, I vote Green and believe what Frankie says when it comes to war. I do feel uncomfortable over the abortion question, and I think working hard and being honest is a good thing.

Regarding my intentions, I want to explore faith and non-faith with an open-mindedness to finding a belief I can commit to, but a probability that I won’t. As for the faiths, I’d like to explore them all – from wicca to womens’ spirituality, from atheism to aruveydic yoga, from Satanism to sex gurus (can’t wait to explore that last one). However, I’ll probably major on the great world religions. Plus a spicing of all the topics within our complex lives; evil, love, ethnicity, war, sexuality, ethics, pluralism. I’d like to interview people as part of it.

I’m thinking fairly soon we’ll need some posts on
* groundrules (play nice!)
* definitions
* explanations
* about me

Long term, I’d like to create a radio show/podcast and give video blogging a go.

But that’s for the future. For now, welcome. It’s nice to have you on board. Let’s explore together 🙂



Today’s unrelated fun link: Rapper solves the war on drugs! 😀
listening to Slayer | South of Heaven

PS: Because this is the beginning, I want to gift you some extra bonus content.

(1)  My apologies to my schizophrenic friends, I’m well aware I’m using the word in the common parlance.  Which, like so much “common sense” – is wrong!  I shall blog about mental illness another day.  Love you!

10 Responses to “In The Beginning…”

  1. Oliver M said

    Here bud, have a comment! =D
    Liking what I’m reading, curious to see what it grows into bro.


  2. Cristine said

    I also used to be a strong conservative evangelical Christian. I was turned off by the incredible amount of judgment I witnessed. Of course, I understand that the religion believes in living by the rules of the Bible and judging certain actions as wrong but what I witnessed was a shunning of people who did anything “wrong.” I was repeatedly told that I was not to look to the actions of Christians as a reflection of Christianity but what else can I look at? I do not expect Christians to be without sin but I did expect them to be compassionate. I also found that it is a religion that believes in taking all power away from women in the name of “taking care” of them. I no longer know what I believe.

    • Those are pretty powerful motivations to leave, Cristine and I certainly understand that. Some of what you say resonates with my own experience in evangelical, and more “fundie” churches. Thanks.

      Do you think I should do a blog sometime on ‘women’s experiences in the christian churches’?

      • FairyWyrd said

        I think that would be a good idea, as womens role in church is far from equal. Cristine, your reply made me think of a few people I’ve heard write of their bad behavior with the religion card ‘I did it for God’ and other such comments. Personally I find the while confession thing (which is Catholacism?) rather hypocritical. I have heard too many people with the opinion of “Well, it doesn’t matter what I do, I can just go to confession.” At the end of the day, we should all treat people as we want to be treated – with respect and love.

        I was lucky in a way as when I was around 7, my parents basically said that we went to church because they thought that by doing that they were being good parents. That they felt like hypocrits because they didn’t have that faith (we were/are Anglican). I say lucky, because I have been able to find my own faith, not one that was forced on me.

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  4. Jesse said

    Good beginning. I will do my best to drop by when I can do so but will mainly keep up with you on our home site. My best to you and I will certianly be interested when you explore Buddhism. Let me know when you get to that one Blessings on you! Peace.

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