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First Jesus-Era House Discovered

Posted by spritzophrenia on December 22, 2009

Shalom. Here’s a quick news update. The first Jesus-era house has been found in Nazareth, Israel. This is significant archaeologically, and obviously for Christians, Jews and Muslims.

What do you know of “bible-era” archaeology? Would you like me to write more in this area? How would it affect your (non) faith if a significant discovery is made?

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One Response to “First Jesus-Era House Discovered”

  1. Kim said

    I’m not sure what the significance is… or maybe I don’t understand the article. I mean, lots of homes/houses have been discovered from the time period that Jesus would have been alive… before and after.

    I did some study into the archaology of the synagogue, focusing on the time of Acts, but looking at it in a broad span actually. I studied it originally to try to understand some of the roots of the church, since Christianity started as a Jewish religion.

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